Five startups, Rice In Action, Väcka, Gloop, FreeShakes, Healthinfoods are part of the second edition of Food Tech Challengers, the technology promotion program led by CNTA and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) under the equity free modality.these five Spanish companies will benefit for six months of technological capabilities and technical mentoring of CNTA to improve their technological solvency and develop their own the end of the program, scheduled for December, the results obtained by the participating startups will be shown in a demo day.

The selected startups are Väcka, which will focus on improving the aromatic and textural profile of its vegan cheeses by exploring new substrates for its fermentation process; Gloop, which will work on the formulation of a coating for its edible cutlery that limits moisture absorption; FreeShakes, which aims to advance the development of a new generation of fructose-free fruit-derived foods and beverages based on a proprietary fermentation process; Healthinfoods, which seeks to strengthen its knowledge of its fat analog ingredient by formulating a vegan sausage; andRice in Action, which will focus on developing a functional sauce for its risottos that will help reduce the glycemic index of the final dish.