The founders of Rice in Action have named their innovation “flavor encapsulation technology”. This means that they conceive of each grain of rice as a blank canvas onto which they inject artisanal broths, fats, fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals or immune principles.

With the product acquired already enriched and with a physical structure increased by 35%, the only thing to do at the time of processing is to cook it without the need for broth or liquid of any kind in a pot, frying pan or in the microwave for five minutes, from where it comes out ready to plate and serve. It is not a fifth range food product, because it is not a matter of reheating it but of finishing cooking it during those five minutes.

We are talking about rice with all kinds of flavors. From the most conventional in the Mediterranean area, such as arroz a la banda, chicken, seafood… to others much more sophisticated and adapted to international tastes, such as rice with curry, ginger or coconut milk.

When this ingenuity is transferred to the Food service, it has many advantages. Firstly, it solves a problem of kitchen staff when it comes to finding a professional who is well trained in rice preparation. Secondly, by reducing rice cooking time by more than 80%, it increases productivity and the possibility of providing many more services without long waiting times for the customer. Finally, the enrichment of the customer experience.

Taking advantage of these properties, the founders articulate different lines of business within B2B, leaving the mass market for later.

This post is a translated article from this piece of Emprendedores Magazine: